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Custom Shipping Packaging, Partitions & Dividers

Variety packs are more popular each year. Many packs are in high quality full color cartons. It is attractive to consumers for retail sales.

Variety Packs in Cartons

Heat Shrinking for Packaging:

When you want the contents visible but still protected, shrinking film around the package is a good option. It presents well for display, makes the package stable, and is easily handled. This is common with food items, specifically Snack Food companies.

The process consists of wrapping a film around the package and sealing the ends. Next the package goes through a heat tunnel where the plastic film shirnks and forms around the package. 

Glass Jars

Glass Jars, 12-pack in a tray:

Here a white bottom tray holds 12-glass jars. The package is shrink wrapped and a UPC barcode is placed on the top. These were palletized and shipped directly to the distribution center. 

Die Cut Cartons:

Any carton with holes, or rounded edges must be die cut (similar to a cookie cutter). The possible styles are limitless. Serveral are noted below:

Four Cell Self-Dividing Carton with handle:

Opened Box Closed Box
Image on left is open and image to right is closed. The four cell package supports and protects the contents and handle makes handling with one hand easy.

Three Pack

Three pack with insert:

This style, IBM style carton with an insert protects the metal contents from damage and also adds stacking strength for storage or UPS USPS shipping. It presents well for the customer and can come in different sizes, white or Kraft, and printed. It assembles easily and a single strip of tape is all that’s needed to close and have ready for shipping. You can modify the basic style to accommodate you specific needs.

Small Cut Die

Small parts die cut:

There are three die cut inserts within a die cut tray. It is used to hold very delicate parts. A top can be used or several of these can be put into a traditional carton for shipping.

Cutting dies can be expensive based on the size and complexity. They are a normal one-time cost and are normally good for years of use.  


Partitions 1

Partitions 2

Foam integrated packaging:

Foam Integrated Packaging 1

Foam Integrated Packaging 2

Foam used to support products.