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We offer custom boxes as well as shrink film from Hanover, PA


Offering boxes and cardboard partitions from Hanover, PA

Partitions, Pads, and Special Configurations

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Telescoping Trays and Pallet Packs


Our typical turnaround times are much faster than the majority of manufacturers with typical delivery times at 1-week or less.


Our designers use state-of-the-art systems to assure the finished products will meet your specific needs. We’ll schedule to meet your inventory needs.


Quality manufacturing and customer focus is who we are.  From our dedicated employees to our equipment, software, and systems, we work hard to bring you the best products possible in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our dedication to service and understanding our customers allows us to deliver at the right time. You have other things to focus on than your corrugated manufacturer.


Auto-Bottom Videos

The Auto Bottom can be used to save time and increase capacity of the packaging line. It can be reused for closed loop distribution like Grainger, Rite-Aid, Kohls, etc. They can be collapsible for easy storage and reuse. Food manufacturers are using this style more and more in their highspeed production facilities. Please see video below for time study on the Auto Bottom.

What is an Auto Bottom Box?

Auto Bottom Box vs. Conventional Box

Pre-Glued Trays (4-Corner Glued Tray):

Another time saving style is the 4-Corner Glued Tray. They are common at larger nurseries for the customer to put their plants into. The strong corners and flat bottom are ideal for this and many other products. They simply snap open and are ready to pack. This style lends itself to display packages where the contents are wrapped in clear plastic shrink film, allowing the customer to view without handling at the same time. Snack food companies mostly use variety packs with this package for retail sales.

Pre-Glued Trays

Specialty Packages:

When you have several different items to ship at one time consider a pallet pack.
It has several advantages to consider:

  • It comes colapsed for easy handling and storage
  • The pallet on bottom is corrugated so easily recycled
  • It protects the contents from view and reduces the chance of damage.
  • The package is reusable so great for closed-loop distribution systems or a manufacturing environment.

Base, corrugated, able to be moved with a simple pallet jack:

Body, gusseted  to allow folding up during storage:

Trays for top and bottom:

Collapsed for simple handling and storage:

The Pack can be made from most tests and the pallet configuration can vary for best overall performance. They are fully compliant with shipping internationally as well.

Fulfillment Services

Small Business Shipping & Fulfillment Products:

Outsourcing the final packaging makes a lot of sense to many companies. We can pack printed materials like this, or apply labels, rework flawed items. Even Reverse Logistics on returned items or pack “kits” of items for distribution such as a repair kit for a mechanical item. The list is endless. Contact our trusted local packaging manufacturer for more information on our services and custom packaging boxes from Hanover, PA.